Dear Members and Viewers,

Thank you for your support in advance and helping to make more people aware and to help make the future better some day.

This cause began with a simple item made for a very special woman who was fighting for her life and has grown with the great support of many friends here in IMVU. With all the people we know here and in our real lives I decided to do more to try to help. It’s not much but as they say every little bit counts.

There are currently 20 groups working to spread the word along with 40 developers who have created items to help. We are dedicated IMVU members helping all become aware of all cancers and working to help in the fight to find a cure.

Just by joining this group you are supporting this cause in showing you care and are willing to help make others aware. Best is it cost you nothing and there are more ways to do this. By simply adding the CancerAwareness Banners to you home page makes awareness visible. You can copy the codes in the “Join the Cause” thread to add these banners to your home page.


CA Banner – Links to the CA HomePage



CA Group Banner – Links to the groupCAGrpBanner4


It doesn’t have to stop here. This cause is open to everyone in IMVU. If you are interested in joining us please contact me. Every little bit counts even if it’s just spreading the word. No one is under any obligation to add to donations, we only want to make people aware. The more we make people aware and support any cancer program the better chances of our or the next generation’s future.

Any dev or group that wishes to do more can and have created items that they contribute a percentage or the full profit they make on items they make. They have the choice of doing their donations themselves to any Cancer foundation they wish or to send the credits to the CA Account and I keep a record then send donations as we collect enough to send.

This is not mandatory. Anyone wishing to simply have their items listed are also welcome to let me know and they will be listed on the hp as well as those making others aware.

Thanks to the everyone we have donated $5125 to the American Cancer Society and $800 to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital to date.

Keeping HOPE Alive,


*Want more information on how you can help support Cancer Awareness or become a Developer? Contact Jazzetta or visit the CancerAwareness Page and CancerAwareness Group today!*

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